CasaShanti is a house of peace, a creative soul space, a culture center of education and awakening.

Mission statement: 

To share insights, understandings and a culture of Peace that gives the gift of strength and contentment that comes though education, experience and clarity. 

To teach the arts of mindfulness, consciousness, peace, compassion, meditation, intuition, and the power of our very own mind. 

To provide life tools that help you transform, empower and evolve your journey through self-discovery, all while blissfully experiencing and embracing the beautiful diversity of our world.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Ft Myers, CasaShanti is a place where people come up the front steps, onto a plant-filled front porch oasis, walk through the front door and say “Ahhh!”  Peace is the only word that can describe the feeling. Here kindred souls gather to share our essences, talents and strengths, along with our struggles and weaknesses, knowing that we are in a safe place, free from judgment, a place where our transformation and clarity is nourished.  Here you are welcome. If you are reading this you are one of us no matter your motive or method of arriving to this page and this moment.

Because we are human we are all on a perpetual journey of self-discovery.  You undoubtedly have the desire to learn and heal.  CasaShanti provides the space where you can safely and authentically dive into your journey. Without dogma, we seek only to help you discover what unites us all. “We all have two things in common: We all want to be happy, and we all don’t want to suffer.” (Dalai Lama) This awareness transcends religious affiliations and walks of life. Here we are free.

At CasaShanti you have access to teachers, counselors, and healers who walk their talk, and have much wisdom and experience to share to help you gather the tools for your own rebirth.  Here you will learn to still the mind and go within to allow your own inner voice and awareness to direct you on your perfect path.

Whatever reason brings you to want to experience more peace in your own life, CasaShanti will help with the transformation. CasaShanti is YOUR space!

The beauty of CasaShanti is in its creative nature.  Creation is always moving, always flowing, always growing and changing to adapt to our needs.  CasaShanti continues its own evolution as a cultural experience, and grows as the needs of the people who come through the door evolve.  CasaShanti, a Place for Peace…Your Journey Evolves Here!