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*Psychic & Life Coaching Circle with Alan Pratt

Monday, April 23 at 7 PM – 9 PM. $20
Alan Pratt has facilitated hundreds of Psychic Circles & Life Coaching sessions around the U.S., in festivals, spiritual centers & churches, yoga studios and private homes. In the circle, Alan works with participants in 3 ways:

* The Ascended Masters speak directly through Alan, to the group as a whole, and directly to individual participants.
* Alan receives images, signs & inner messages from the participants’ personal guides and ancestors, which he interprets and delivers.
* Alan is a highly disciplined light worker, who has given mind/body/spirit life coaching to tens of thousands of people over the past 30 years,through transformational organizations like Landmark Education, at his community center GrandSpace in New York City, and touring the U.S. since 2009.

The Process & Benefits of the Psychic and Life Coaching Circle:
* The circle is held in a sacred space that has been sanctified through smudging, energy clearing, invocations and prayers of protection.
* To open our circle, we invoke the Four Directions, align and harmonize ourselves and our space with harmonic toning, then welcome our Spirit Guides, Ancestors and the Ascended Masters into our sacred circle (led by Giuliano Geronymo).
* Our circle is a safe and loving space to share deep truth, ask vital questions, and receive guidance from Spirit. We learn, grow and are healed by listening to and witnessing other participants interacting with Spirit.
* Bring your most important questions for Spirit. Alan interacts with every participant at least once, and in most circles, many participants get to ask several questions.
* There is a significant value in receiving spiritual messages and life coaching in a circle. The tribe holds space for each participant as we interact directly with Spirit. The tribe witnesses the transmission of messages and coaching, and participants are honored & supported in their process.
* Sitting in circle increases our spiritual abilities and offers the developing medium and the well developed medium alike the opportunity to continue increasing their spiritual gifts and potential. Participating in a circle with Alan will activate and expand your intuitive powers. Many people, after a session with Alan, experience a remarkable increase in their abilities to connect with spirit guides, receive clear images & messages, allow guides to speak directly through them, speak in ‘light languages’, have greater retention of astral travels and more.
* We close our circle with prayers & blessings of Gratitude, another harmonic toning & lots of HUGS.